Make payments using credit card or PayPal using the link link below. All training bookings are subject to the Conditions of Sale shown below. Please read before making a booking.

Rates per session:

Standard rate:  €65.00 including taxes.

Student rate*:   €32.50 including taxes.
*for full-time students at recognised institutions; for student rates, please contact before making bookings at email link.

These rates apply to both types of module:

Assessment module : 60 minutes online/10 minutes offline, written report.
Assessment is always a single session.

Customised modules: 50 minutes online/10 minutes offline, written report.
Customised modules should always be preceded by an Assessment.

PAYMENT :      standard rate    

General Conditions of sale for training services                 

1. General
Unless expressly stated otherwise, the general conditions of sale described herewith govern the relationship between Philip Wells / (“The Trainer”) and his Client. In placing an order for any number of training sessions, the Client signals their agreement to the present conditions.

2. Registration
The Client’s registration is accepted by the Trainer in the form of prepayment for any number of training sessions, which will be confirmed by email to the client.

3. Scheduling
Each training session will be provided by the Trainer according to a schedule which will have been arrived at by their common consent.

4. Cancellation
The Client has the right to cancel a pre-paid session at any time prior to its scheduled time. Pre-paid sessions cancelled more than 24 hours before their scheduled time may be deferred by the Client to another time and date. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled time will be payable at the full rate.

5. Confidentiality
I. Definition of Confidential Information. "Confidential Information" as used in this Agreement shall mean any and all technical and non-technical information including patent, copyright, trade secret, proprietary information, computer files, and client information related to the past, current, future, and proposed services of Client and includes, without limitation, Client property, and Client's information concerning customers, research, financial information, purchasing, business forecasts, sales and merchandising, and marketing plans and information.

           II. Nondisclosure and Nonuse Obligations. The Trainer agrees to protect the confidentiality of all Confidential Information and, except as permitted in this section, the Trainer shall neither use nor disclose the Confidential Information. The Trainer may use the Confidential Information solely to perform Training services under this Agreement for the benefit of the Client.

            III. Exclusion from Nondisclosure and Nonuse Obligations. The Trainer's obligations under Section 5.ii with respect to any portion of the Confidential Information shall not apply to any such portion that the Trainer can demonstrate (a) was in the public domain at or subsequent to the time such portion was communicated to the Trainer by the Client; (b) was rightfully in Trainer's possession free of any obligation of confidence at or subsequent to the time such portion was communicated to Trainer by Client; or (c) was developed by the Trainer independently of and without reference to any information communicated to the Trainer by the Client. A disclosure of Confidential Information by the Trainer, either:

a. in response to a valid order by a competent court or other legal body, or,
b. otherwise required by law, or,
c. necessary to establish the rights of either party under this Agreement,
shall not be considered a breach of this Agreement or a waiver of confidentiality for other purposes, provided, however, that Trainer shall provide prompt written notice thereof to the Client.

6. Force majeure
The Trainer will not be held responsible for his failure to provide thr training services agreed between himself and the Client if this failure is the direct or indirect result of a force majeure such as, non-limitatively, the effects of a natural cataclysm (earthquake, hurricane, fire, flood, etc.), an interruption in transport services, a technical failure in internet or telephone connections, an illness or incapacity suffered by the Trainer, or the occurrence of an incapacitating event which he would not have been in a position to foresee or to prevent in spite of all reasonable efforts. 
a.  In the event of such an occurrence, the Trainer is required to inform the Client in writing within the shortest possible time, and to fulfil his training obligations once the cause of the force majeure has ended.
b.  If the duration of the force majeure exceeds 14 consecutive working days, the parties shall come to an agreement within the shortest possible time to decide, in good faith, whether the planned training sessions should continue or come to an end. In the event of any disagreement, the Client has the right : (i) to cancel his inscription without further notice, and, (ii) to be reimbursed by the Trainer for any outstanding sessions which have been prepaid by the Client but not given within 28 working days following the date of registration.

7. Limitation of liability

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, the total liability of the Trainer, for all losses, damages, costs, and expenses including legal fees, shall not exceed the aggregate amount paid by the Client under this Agreement, regardless of the legal theory under which such liability is imposed.

8. Governing Law
These conditions are subject to Belgian law. In the event of any contention, legal jurisdiction is limited to the courts of the Province of Liège. 


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