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Your L2 interview may be just days away, or you may be considering L2 job offers as a longer-term goal.

You may not know your level. You may simply lack practice.

You need feedback to focus on interview preparation, along with answers to essential questions :

  •     Am I clear?
  •     Am I confident?
  •     Am I credible?
  •     Am I myself?
  •     Will I understand my interviewer?
  •     What does my body say?
  •     How can I best focus my training?
  •     How do I turn my situation into an asset?


The module consists of a 1-hour online session including:

· simulated interview questions in L2
· analysis of clarity and fluency
· written report: what are your specific difficulties?
· recommendations: how to optimize your expression at your level + auto-training techniques
· 90-minute consultancy session: 60-minutes online, 30 minutes report
· Language options: English and French
· Web video options: Webex or Skype.


- Standard: €85.00 incl. VAT
- Student*:  €32.50 incl. VAT
“Student” : enrolled at a recognized educational institution

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