Are you making the best of your career events and history?
Is your expression clear in L2?
Are your arguments coherent?
Do you need to expert feedback on performance in L2?
Are you getting the best out of your role as an L2 candidate?
Customised Training Modules are flexible, one-to-one, and a follow-up on the assessment module.

They can be focused in any of three areas, singly or in combination:Biography, Profile, and Performance.

For short-term candidates with a planned interview, and longer-term candidates still targeting job opportunities. L2 training languages: English and French.

Customised training options 

What are your past and present aspirations? What motivated your application?

What events in your career have been most responsible for shaping who you are?

Which aspects of your professional and personal profile deserve to be highlighted?



What are the requirements of the job? What is the culture, the context of the company? What is the history of the job vacancy? Does the job require some exceptional qualities?

What makes you exceptional?  Which questions can you reasonably anticipate? Do your career events best illustrate your qualities?

contact entretien

How clear are you? How convincing are you? How confident are you? What is your linguistic strategy?

How are you going to compensate for shortfalls in your linguistic expression?


Feedback: verbal the end of each session, accompanied by session notes taken by the trainer.

Written feedback at the end of each cycle of sessions, covering the following points:

1. linguistic (fluency, clarity, accuracy, vocabulary)

2. behavioural (quality of contact, non-verbal communication)

3. coherence (career narratives, aims, strengths).

Option: the report may include recorded video clips from the simulated interview process.



Duration: each session is 60 minutes long, with 50 minutes online. A module may consist of any number of sessions.

Price scale (including VAT ):
Standard: €85.00
Student*: €32.50
* enrolled full-time at a recognized educational institution

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